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I have a few interesting posts already drafted in my head. Good stuff, really: back to the roots reviews of four brewpubs, a bit of beer fiction, and some musings on the Czech microbrewing boom. There is also that new installment for the Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer, and I wanted to slowly start working a new edition of "The Pisshead's Pub Guide". Beautiful stuff that I'm sure you would love reading.

But you'll have to wait. Suddenly I have a fuckton of work - a translation of the financial report and annual report of a rather large company, a translation of part of the Czech construction law, and project for Czech Tourism. All of it with rather tight deadlines.

I'm not complaining. It's work that, unlike what I do here, it's paid, and rather well paid work at that.

So, stay tuned. As soon as I get rid of all that work, and manage to get my brains to speak a normal language again (fuck those accountants, really), I will resume my activities in this, by far the best beer blog written by an Argentine living in the Czech Republic

Na Zdraví!


  1. Used the piss here's guide today and found it excellent. Keep up the good work.

    1. Well, the piss is in fact very good here :)

  2. Can you recommend any new brewpubs in prague as I will be over in a couple of weeks armed with your guide

    1. Of the ones not listed in the guide, Hostivar, U Tri Ruzi and maybe Beznoska, but if you stay away from the Ales. I haven't been yet to Liboc and the rest are more hit than miss.


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