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Hmmm... what was it that I wanted to talk about?

I had the draft of a post somewhere in my brains, one that was freely inspired on an article I read recently that made me think about pubs and why we buy them, I guess I will have to look for it, it may have drowned a little last Saturday at Černokostelecký Pivovar.

Fuck me! What a great time I had!

Really, Vysmolení es an almost ideal beer event. Gorgeous place, excellent beers. Four specially brewed for the occasion: a desítka that perhaps had a bit too much Munich malts (brewed in Varnsdorf), but that it was still great as the first beer of the day; a dvanáctka of the kind that laughs in the face of those that say that Pale Lagers are boring (brewed in Kounice, which is slowly becoming one of my favourite micros) and two smoked beers (brewed in Přerov), both with almost the same recipe, the only difference being the kind of smoked malt used. Then there were two beers dispensed from pitched barrels, one the Bavarian way (a surprisingly brilliant 14º from Nová Paka), and Únětická 12º with the help of an old air compressor, both with remarkable character.

Six beers, no more. I think it's great! It's a bit like going against the flow, beer events today often promise hundreds of different brews, but less can be better. In just a couple of hours you'd have gone through everything and from then on, you can focus on what is really important, drinking and having a good time with friends well into the evening. We need more events of this kind.
I also wanted to thank Milan and Vodouch for letting me spend the night at the brewery. You can't imagine how fantastic it is to be able to drink the whole day, until well into the wee hours, knowing that there will be a bed waiting for me right upstairs from the bar. And how nice it is to wake up (well, not THAT nice) in the morning and to have for breakfast garlic soup and a 19º Porter lagered in unlined barrels these people brought from Spain.

A weekend can hardly get better than this.

Na Zdraví!

PS: I've been told that the four custom-brewed beers will be showing up at U Vodoucha and U Slovanské Lípy here in Prague. Highly recommended.


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