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Bad choice of outfit

Yeah, I know, I can't complain. It was pretty chilly early in the morning, but I still went out wearing only t-shirt, shorts and sandals, applying my policy of "I'd rather feel cold a few minutes in the morning than bake for the rest of the day". And the weather looked promising, it looked it'd get nice. But the forecast was wrong, go figure. The temperature hasn't changed much and now, on top of it, it's started pouring.

Fuck me sideways!

A PUB! What better shelter than a hospoda. And it's one of those that I know well, but where they don't know me. That's good, I'm in no mood to speak to anyone today.

"Černé pivo, prosím."

And it's one of the beer minimalist bunch. That's good, I'm no mood to navigate a beer list of  Zlýčasean proportions today.

Oh! Yeah!

Yeah, I know, it's purely psychological, but the first sip of this black beauty not only makes me feel warmer, but also drier. From the second sip on, it's almost like being in a small village in the mountains visiting someone's babíčka. You know the ones I'm talking about, kerchief, apron, tired, but smiling eyes, the works. The kind that can almost pull the best Plňené Knedlíky the world has ever seen out of her sleeve. The kind that always seems to have a bábovka or some koláčky ready to treat eventual visitors. The kind that will feel disappointed at themselves if you refuse that one more slice of bábovka or that one more koláček.

It isn't nice to make such a lovely old lady sad. "Ještě jedno!", it is, then.

Hard to believe, but the second pint it's even better than the first. Just as good as that extra slice of cake or that last knedlík in the bowl that you refused at first, but only because you are polite.

The rain has stopped. Time to get back on the road.

Sod it!

I'm saying here to have one more pint and then, another one after that. Perhaps this sweet old lady will start telling stories of when she was young and a bit of a tart. The excuse is only an SMS away and I reckon I can come up with a good one.

Na Zdraví!

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