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Selected Readings: December

I was going to post this right before the end of the year, but I couldn't be arsed, I was going to post this last week, but I had a lot of work. Better late than never.

Zak Avery and Boak and Bailey deal with the issue of beer snobbery, approaching it in a different way, both worth reading (better in the order they are linked).

Adrian Tierney-Jones presents us with a beautiful bit of beer poetry, the kind I wish I could be able to write (and he also posted a very flattering review of my book)

Mark, in Pencil & Spoon, shares a curious bit of "history" about the the genesis of Porter and its colour. Can you imagine the Twitter/Facebook shitstorm this would cause if it was published today?

Still in the realm of history, but proper, more fact-based history, Evan Rail publishes a few corrections to "The Oxford Companion to Beer". I had a few beers with him recently and he told me he was preparing something more comprehensive about the history of Pilsner Urquell that will prove that some of my speculations weren't correct. Sometimes it's great to be proven wrong.

Bollocks of the month goes to this article published in the website of an Argentine news channel. Actually it is a translation of an article in English I'm quite sure I have read. The bollocks, actually, is in the awful level of the translation, which translates "fermentation" as "destilación", "sour" as "amarga" and "India Pale Ale" as "Cerveza Clara de India". The blame is not so much on the translator, who was probably some intern working for free, but on the person who green lighted this piece of shit, which actually proves this Open Letter has a point.

Na Zdraví!

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