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The right answer to an old question

As I was writing my comeback article for the Spanish magazine Bar&Beer I realised something I had known for a long time, the true and honest answer to the question I've been asked countless times "What is your favourite beer?"

My favourite beer it's of no specific brand, colour, style or even country, neither it answers to any arbitrary label like "industrial", "real", "traditional" or "craft". My favourite beer doesn't need to shout to be heard. My favourite beer can be an excuse to have a pleasant time with friends and loved ones and can make it even more pleasant, but at the same time it can be a pleasant time all by itself. You don't need to understand or know much about my favourite beer to enjoy it, though many of those who know and understand a lot about beer don't seem to be able to appreciate it. My favourite beer can be the first and the last of the day and doesn't need any special moment or situation to drink it, it just goes well with every moment or situation.

My favourite beer is a bit like the Great Goddess of the ancients, who was known by many names and came in all shapes, sizes and colours, which at the end of the day were nothing but different manifestations of the same principle.

That's my favourite beer, what's yours?

Na Zdraví!

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