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What a great feeling!

I got the other day the copies of my book that I had ordered.
I wrote every word of this book, I took all the pictures, I designed it myself. In other words, I know this bugger inside out and upside down almost by heart, but still, having it in my hands on paper is a wonderful feeling. I was also very glad to see that the printed version looks better than I had expected, even though it's in black and white.

Buy it and see for yourselves.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Gotta say i love the title, I love Prague too.

  2. And the title is not even close to the best of it, if you don't mind my saying so :)

  3. Got mine last week ,plus a copy for my mate,not had time for a good read of it yet but will get down to a full read in the next few days,but looks good so far.
    As I will be in Prague for the Beer Festival in just over 3 weeks I daresay the book shall be given a good airing.Hope you will be around to autograph it.

  4. I just read the few first pages from the preview and it looks great. I am gonna buy it sooner or later.

    It might be a good idea to show some pages from the middle of the book, because one can't really get an idea how the most interesting part of it (the actual guides) looks like. Just a thought.

  5. Having used Evan Rail's book to get aquainted with prague pubs ,i am looking forward to my next prague trip in July and following some of the fantastic crawls in this book . some old favourites in there and a lot of hidden gems by the look of it .

  6. I have read the intro pages and the first 2 beer crawls and can say I am quite inpressd,several of the places mentioned I have been into and of course my favourite u Medvidku gets more than a small mention.
    I just love the micro brewery in there,took my nephew and his pal in there last year and they were most impressed sitting just feet away from where the beer they were drinking had been made.
    The very first pub mentioned in the Pub crawls is the Ferdinanda which just happens to be about 100 yards from where I am staying at the Hotel Chopin in a few weeks time,already had it earmarked for a beer and a meal but it is a definate now,might do that Pub crawl but in reverse and end up there and have a very quick stager back to the hotel.
    Yes the book could have colour prints and be a bit fancier,but who gives a shit when it is providing the info that you want,its like it has been written by a friend for a friend.
    I much impressed by the book so far and find the humour to be just right,I am looking forward to reading the rest.
    well done Max.

  7. Thanks for the comments!!! Much appreciated!

  8. What is the charge for shipping the book to Prague at Lulu? I really couldn't find it anywhere on the page.

    hopefullyn this link wil open fully for you.I had difficulty.
    I was charge £2.95 carraige to the Uk for 2 books,so I doubt it will be a great deal more than that to the Czech Republic.

  10. Getting a properly printed book of your own in your hands is a wonderful feeling. It's the future of publishing.

    Good luck with guide.

  11. I've just ordered my copy now Max - I hope I get it before I go to Prague - next Wednesday!

  12. Only took 3 days for them to be delivered to me and that included a weekend.


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