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A Star is Born (take 3)

Do you remember that trip I made last November with the people of the web portal Viamedius?

Well, the video we shot is already available. Looks quite alright, specially the parts of Krumlov and beer. Originally, it was planned as a 20 minute documentary, but it ended up being almost 30 minutes long, those extra 10 are dedicated to pivo. Cool!

I hope you like it (even if it is in Spanish)

REPUBLICA CHECA con Max from Viamedius on Vimeo.
Na Zdraví!

Choose a Hotel in Prague in the city centre.


  1. Very well done, thank you! Can you get those special mugs for drinking mineral water in Prague?

  2. Susan,

    I'm not sure, but I think I've seen them somewhere. There's a big shop with crystal and porcelain on the third floor of Kotva, they might have them there, but, once again, I'm not sure. Otherwise, if you go to KV you'll see them at every step.


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