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A star is born...

So, let's see... I write for a Spanish magazine and the other day I sent an article (the fist of many, I hope) for an upcoming Czech beer magazine. I've been interviewed for an article in a Norwegian magazine, for the new edition of Lonely Planet - Prague guidebook, and also for the Spanish service of Czech Radio. What am I missing? Oh yeah, TV!

Clase Turista is a travel show on an Argentine TV channel. It's got a nice twist, instead of sending a camera and a celebrity to show not much more than the postcards of a given city, they contact Argentines that live there and tour it with them, seeing it through their eyes while talking about their lives.

One of the hosts for the Prague episode was me, and here you have it (in Spanish, sorry).

Of course, not everything was about beer. We shot the whole day and the experience was for me very interesting and a lot of fun. The most impressive thing, however, was the response from people. The show aired last Wednesday, late in the evening in Argentina, and when I turned the PC at 6:30AM on Thursday the Spanish version of the blog had received over 2700 hits, and would get another 1000 or so during the rest of the day. I also received dozens of e-mails, comments and messages, which are still coming (and I'm slowly answering). Each and everyone of them was great, full of compliments, positive energy. I was left overwhelmed and very happy. It was just an amazing experience, very hard to describe.

But I haven't had enough. Tomorrow I'm off to Humpolec with a team of an upcoming TV Show for a Czech channel. We will shoot at Pivovar Bernard and I will be the "guest expert". Yeah, you've read well, me as guest expert on a Czech TV show about beer. Incredible, and I'm so looking forward to it.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Amazing stuff mate, do you speak Czech the whole time? That must be pretty nerve wrecking.

  2. Ian, I actually speak more Czech than any of the other two languages I know. That's thanks to the missus who made me speak it very, very cleverly. One day she decided that I had to learn the language and she started using more and more Czech with me to the point that I started using it more and more, and the rest is history. And frankly, if I'm not too tired I can speak it without much problem (dodgy grammar notwithstanding).

    Terry, I won't be a film star until I start boning some supermodels, something I'm sure my wife won't me so amused about... Let's keep it at an obscure TV star, sounds cooler...

  3. Although I speak about five words of Spanish (all related to ordering a beer), I can tell you're a natural on camera. Have you considered a series of webcasts where you guide people to your favourite Prague beer spots?

  4. Duke, I've never thought of webcasting. Now that you mention it, though, I must say, I don't think I'll ever do it, at least not by myself. I simply couldn't be arsed with editing the stuff. Writing is a lot less work :)

  5. Yeah - there's no denying that it can be a lot of work on the editing side.

  6. My Spanish is fairly limited, though I can read it (the joys of speaking French!) reasonably well. Good to see you doing a range of stuff to promote Czech beer!! I had to learn my Czech with my ex-girlfriend as most of her family spoke nothing but Czech. It really is the best way to learn. One day I hope to understand Mrs Velkyal!! ;)


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