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Just don't tell too many people

Josef Krýsl is one of the most important Czech beer gurus. He is the person behind Pivovar Bašta in Prague, Pivovar Purkmistr in Pilsen and several others spread in the Czech Republic.

Besides preparing another five brewpubs in towns like Slaný, Kladno and Most, Mr Krýsl still works on his personal beer project Joe's Garage. It seems that for it he has dropped bottom fermenting beers in order to fully concentrate on top fermenting ones, perhaps partly insipired by the possitive reception that the beers from Pivovar Kocour have had.

Production so far is very limited. It could actually be said that it is still in a very advanced "experimental stage". However, two 15l kegs are on their way to Prague, one with Joe's Garage Californian Pale Ale (which tries to recreate the celebrated Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) and the other one with a Rauchweizen. Both will be available, for I'm sure no more than a few hours, at a renown local hospoda. Those who can figure out which one it is and manage to get there on time will be able to sample these two interesting novelties.

The same day and at the same hospoda a beer from the brand new Pivovar Tambor frm Dvůr Králové nad Labem will make its debut in Prague. Let's hope they are better than the two I had yesterday from another brand new micro, Rychnov n. Kněžnou, which were, one very boring, the other one, downright bad.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Off to Purkmistr for the weekend tomorrow - very much looking forward to having their beers again, though perhaps not the pivni fernet, or whatever that stuff we were drinking last September was.

  2. This Krysl guy sounds like a genius, basta and purkmistr are superb places and joes garage beers top notch. Wish i was back in Praha to taste them


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