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Two Announcements and a Quick Comment

After much pondering and musing, I’ve decided that there won’t be a third edition of the Pisshead’s Pub Guide. The main reason being that I can’t be arsed. I realised that, like with the second edition, a new edition would need an almost whole re-write, which that’s a lot more work that I’m willing to do at the moment, especially since it would involve visiting at least a big chunk of the many Craft Pivní Bary that have opened, which, at a cursory glance, seem to follow the model of too many taps and overpriced beers. However, regardless of my preferences (and prejudices), they’re becoming an increasingly large part of the local beer landscape and, if I wanted the guide to showcase Prague’s scene as well as the previous two editions have, I would have to give them a go – and, once again, I can’t be arsed. Right now, I don’t feel like going out for beers to places I feel I may not like only for the sake of what is not much more than a vanity project. If I go for beers I want to do it mainly for the sheer pleasure of drinking (preferably, in good company).

What I want to do instead is to put flesh and bones on another (vanity?) project that’s been bouncing around my head for a few years already: Brewing Life, the stories of people who’ve been making a living out of beer for decades.

Originally, I planned it as a book, but I think that a series of articles or interviews is a better alternative. The thing is, though, that I won’t make it available for free, I want readers to pay for the articles, to help me finance the project. After 10 years of blogging (10 years, can you believe it?), I think it’s fair. Naturally, the pieces will more in-depth (and better proof-read) than the blog posts, which will not stop – I believe. I still haven’t figured out the platform (suggestions are welcome), but I’ve already ordered a proper voice-recorder and I’m planning on arranging the first interview in January or February.

On a side note, I was in Brno about a month ago. I was going to write a full post, but it would have not have made to the town’s beer scene any justice, which, at least in the centre and around, is better Prague’s. I arrived on Friday afternoon and spent most of the next day judging at the Moravian Homebrewers’ Meeting; I couldn’t explore the inside of as as many pubs as I would have liked. Regardless, I saw places with interesting beers almost around every corner, in many cases with brands you hardly ever find here, if at all, and beers were in average cheaper, too; also, I didn’t come across a single bloody 0.4 litre measure. Even Pegas, which has a tourist trap reputation, was good. So go to Brno, stay a couple of days and wonder about, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, that’s it for now; and for the rest of the year, most likely.

Na Zdraví!


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  2. Can you make some sort of list of places in Brno you recommend? I

    1. Pivnice Na Stojáka. Pivovar Pegas, U Poutníka, Zelená Kočka and U Dřeváka are the ones that I liked most, but the town is full of interesting places. In the centre, you can simply wander about and you'll come across several.


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