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This Week in the Prague Post

One of my readers had a terrible experience at U Krkouna, a Dalešice pub that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

He left a comment that made me think about pub reviews in general, you can read my musings here

Na Zdraví!
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  1. Let's face it, we are talking about Zižkov at night in this story. Some places are just safer and better to visit in the light of day. A friend who was visiting Prague and I visited U Krkouna in the early afternoon and everything was great, especially the beers. The staff were friendly and efficient. No complaints. If the situation the poster reported had happened to me, I would've just paid up and left. Why spend even another second around that vermin he encountered. Dalesice tastes much better in the old center of Brno anyway. I recommend Freeland or U Cerna Kocka. And, especially Minipivovar Pegas. I love drinking beer in Brno! JKAnPRG


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