20 Jun 2012

This week in the Prague Post

The first collaboration review between yours truly and restaurant reviewer Fiona Gaze.

How did U Tří Růží, the new brewpub in Prague's old town fare? Read and find out.

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  1. I made it to U3R this Friday and was able to try four of their beers. Overall, all of them were good but one of them was great! The svetly lezak followed the classic recipe and was pleasant but could have used a bit more sharpness in the flavor department. OK, but not great. The polotmavy was more bitter than sweet which I appreciated. I've had just about enough of those oversweet caramelly reds which are so common nowadays. Definitely, above average. The tmavy also followed the classic template and also favored bitterness over sweetness. Mine was quite fizzy for a dark beer and could have used a denser, maltier, fruitier body. Once again, OK, but not great. The star of the show was the 18 degree polotmavy St. Jilji chmelovy Bock monastic special which is brewed with four types of malt and aromatic hops. The fragrance when you tip your glass to drink is heavenly. Amazingly floral and pleasant, just like the flavor. Really a unique tasting and outstanding beer! I would return just to have more of this one. As for the music, they must have read your complaint because all I heard was heavy metal but turned way down with no commercials. I had no complaints about the soundtrack, my type of music. The interior is relaxed but still classy and the service was professional . If you speak Russian and have bushy eyebrows, your refill orders will be taken even faster-so it seemed. It was the only flaw I noticed in a nice afternoon session. LOL

    1. Good to know that the music issue has been addressed. I've got one bit of bad news for you. The 18º is not on the regular rotation. The brewer told me the've got a Stout in the pipeline. Looking forward to that one.

      Even though I can say I've had better Pale Lagers, Ambers or Darks here and there, the whole package is really outstanding. Solid, reliable, very well made and, above all, delicious. I'm definitely going back there!

    2. The Stout news is not bad news at all, but I must get down there and have some more of that St. Jilji before they run out. Congrats to the owners and the sladek for doing a great job so far. U3R is definitely a quality addition to the Prague brewpub scene. Thanks for the tip and many others I have gotten from you over the years. You do a great job too! JKAnPRG