29 Feb 2012

This week in the Prague Post

A roundup of Prague's Pivotéky. My beer life would be a lot less interesting without them (and my bank account a bit richer, perhaps).

You can read it here.

Na Zdraví!

Choose your preferred Prague hotels and get free transport.


  1. Nice! Wish there was one closer to me though, a wish I might actually get - one of the few remaining local potraviny closed the other week, which was saddening, but then a sign appeared in the window that they'd be re-opening as the biggest drinks shop in Vrsovice with over 50 kinds of beer.. By my calculations with 50 kinds there'll have to be *something* interesting.

  2. That sounds intereting! In what street? Work takes me to Vršovice twice a week so it can come in handy. (PS: Even though I hate those cunts, Tesco Eden does stock a pretty decent range).

  3. They do indeed, they even had the Černá Hora dark there a couple weeks ago, though it seems to be gone again now. The place is on Moskevská, north side in the block just past the Vršovické náměstí tram stop.

    1. I will look for it. Thanks for the info