21 Sep 2011

So you won't forget me

Still buried in work. I can't complain, really, but at times it becomes quite tedious. Since it's very likely that the pause will continue until the end of the month, I wanted to leave you with a little something so you won't forget that I'm still here and drinking:

To say that unfiltered beer = better beer (or worse still, "crafter" beer) is like saying that bitterer/maltier, stronger/weaker, darker/paler beer = better beer, which would be, of course, utter bollocks.

Na Zdraví!

5 Sep 2011

Probable pause

Is probable that in the coming days, if not weeks, you won't see much activity in this blog. I've been hired to do a huge and quite difficult (and a bit beyond my area of expertise) translation that is consuming almost all my available time.

As soon as this monster (that will pay very well) so allows, I will try to post at least the Selected Readings of last month so you will have something to keep yourselves entertained. Until then, I hope you'll be able to forgive the silence.

Na Zdraví!